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Seeking a Balanced Bible Perspective After Leaving an Authoritarian Religion

RIP June 2, 2010
A Personal Tribute

Articles and Commentaries
Jehovah's Witnesses and Shunning
A doctrinal examination of Jehovah's Witnesses extreme shunning policy against former members
in light of scripture and the Jewish culture of the first-century Christians.
Jehovah's Witness Response to the Shunning Article

Ron Frye's Permission to Attend His Mother's Funeral Service

Paradise On Earth--When?
A scriptural examination of Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine of Paradise earth during the Millennium and their hope of never dying.

A summary of booklet:
Where is the Great Crowd Serving God?
by Jon Mitchell (RIP), former Governing Body secretary
A discussion of Revelation 7:9-17 in light of the Watchtower Society's doctrine of two classes of Christians.
Here is an account of one of the key issues that erupted during and after the events at Brooklyn Bethel in 1980-1981 when several key figures were banished.

Misrepresenting the 1914 Parousia in Watch Tower History
Watchtower references to C.T. Russell and the Bible Students looking forward to the Coming of Christ in 1914, in view of the known history that Russell believed for the rest of his life that it had already occurred in 1874, and this was the general doctrine about the parousia until the 1930s.

"Modesty" and "Speculations" of the
Watchtower Society's "Faithful and Discreet Slave"

A sampling of prophetic "speculations" by leaders of the Watchtower leaders over the years in light of their present-day conclusion about their history.

The Controversy about "What Is a CULT"
By some definitions, Jesus and his apostles were a cult among the Jews in their day. There is difference of opinion--even among former members--as to whether Jehovah's Witnesses should be labeled a cult. Perhaps it all depends on your definition.

Strange Disfellowshippings
The Watchtower religion is notable for its severe disfellowshipping policies and associated extreme shunning of former members which often results in shattered family relationships. Not to mention that anyone deemed worthy of disfellowshipping is judged to be unworthy of everlasting life and salvation. Yet, Jesus said that the good shepherd would leave the flock and go seek to bring back the sheep who had strayed. Further he said:

I tell you that thus there will be more joy
in heaven over one sinner that repents than over
ninety-nine righteous ones who have no need of repentance.

--Luke 15:4-7 NWT

Bearing this in mind, this section is dedicated to presenting some of the more peculiar stories of Watchtower Society "justice" under the auspices of "keeping the organization clean." The following is the first story of more to come.

The story of Richard and Frances Rawe

Crisis of Conscience Multiple Languages
In Search of Christian Freedom
Books by Raymond Franz, former Governing Body member of Jehovah's Witnesses, as well as other publications can be ordered from COMMENTARY PRESS .
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The Christian Respondent
by Ron Frye, former Circuit Overseer
The Christian Respondent was originally mailed on a subscription basis from 1984 to 1991.
Fifty-two issues of insightful commentaries on the Watch Tower religion and its policies were published. Now compiled into one book.
PRICE: $18.50 plus $2.50 shipping (book rate) in the U.S.
($21.00 total within the U.S.)
The Father/Son Relationship
by Ron Frye, former Circuit Overseer
This 87-page booklet is a comprehensive coverage of the relationship and respective dignities represented in God and his Son, Jesus Christ. The Hebrew view of monotheism is presented as the context in which Jesus' life and ministry must be evaluated and understood. The author argues that the question that needed to be answered in the first century was not "Is Jesus God?" but "Is Jesus the Messiah?" While acknowledging the Son's deity, it is presented as lesser in glory than the Father's deity. The booklet also covers the development of the Trinity doctrine in the centuries following the establishment of the Christian church and is presented as biblically unsound.
Available from The Christian Respondent
My Christian Quest by Ronald Frye
From Jehovah's Witness to Son of God
Ronald E. Frye, a second generation Jehovah's Witness, devoted more than thirty years to this religious movement. During that time he served as a Congregation Overseer in five different congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. He also served as a Pioneer, Special Pioneer and Circuit Overseer. From this informed and experienced perspective his memoirs are written.
The painful discoveries that shattered his confidence in this dogmatic and authoritarian religion, and which led to his being disfellowshiped, are chronicled in this book. The opening chapter portrays the brutal consequences of family division which have affected tens of thousands of those who have separated themselves from this religion due to matters of conscience.
His post-Jehovah's Witness life and ministry should provide encouragement to others who long to escape the spiritually suffocating effect of religious tyranny and breathe the life-giving air of freedoom in Christ.
This excellent book is available from the publisher for $12.50 each
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42851 260th Lane
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Wolves Among Sheep" by James Kostelniuk
Astonishing true story in his own words of severance from his children because of Watchtower shunning policy, and the subsequent murder of his ex-wife and two children by their abusive Jehovah's Witness step father. Available from Amazon books.

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